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Bondage Wrap
  Instead of the saran wrap from the local supermarket, which tears easily, we offer a special, heavy duty pallet wrap.


The film is pre stretched, making it easier for you to wrap your "victim", and still archive a much tighter result. Believe us, it is the best you'll find. (and we have tried a lot of brands!) Unfortunately this transparent wrap is not available in any other colours.

Width 45 cm Length 300 m Thickness 25µ
  Price: € 26,--  Order-No. L11 (incl. VAT plus ShippingShipping) The wrap is in stock, and can be delivered within 3 working days.*
(€ 0.09/M)

Black Bondage Wrap
  For those who prefer black we stock a pallet wrap which is almost as good as the pre stretched one.

Width 50 cm Length 300 m Thickness 23µ
  Price: € 32,--  Order-No. L12 (incl. VAT plus ShippingShipping) The wrap is in stock, and can be delivered within 3 working days.*
(€ 0.11/M)


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About Mummification
  Mummification in our Latex-Prisons, with Bondage-Wrap is quite a special experience.
Since you won't have any pressure points as with handcuffs, chains or similar bondage gear mummification is rather comfortable and still it is more efficient.
Prolonged sessions are thus not impaired by circulation cut-offs or painful bruises.
If you choose to mummify the head as well, you will experience the sensation of sensory deprivation and float off to another world.

Using Bondage-Wrap Apart from the wrap you'll need a pair of safety scissors (as available in every first aid box) and duct tape. If the mummy is wrapped while standing up a third person should keep the mummy from falling.

Otherwise start wrapping down to the thighs, then lay the person down and finish the legs which can be supported by a box or whatever is available.
Start with the shoulders. From the middle of the back diagonally over one shoulder, across the chest, under the other armpit, all round the upper body and finally over the second shoulder to where you started.
It sounds more complicated than it actually is. After that, wrap each arm, hand, leg and the torso separately. (standing spread eagled) This is important, because the film does not slip if in contact with itself, thus ensuring a perfect immobilization for the arms and hands.
Put some kind of padding like a towel between the ankles and knees to avoid bone to bone contact.
If you would like to have access to any parts of the body later on, place some crumbled up paper or paper tissues at those places. This will avoid possible skin damage when cutting holes into the wrapping. Now place the arms in their final position (straight down, Pharao like, or self hugging) and start wrapping tightly from the shoulders down to the feet, overlapping generously.

The number of layers you apply is up to your liking.
When wrapping the head use a breathing tube with a minimum diameter of 20mm. With the duct tape you can increase the immobilization by placing strips around the upper arms, lower arms, the hands and above the knees. To decrease the ability to bend the knees and hips, apply two or three strips of duct tape along the front and the back from feet to head. To secure the “package” even further use more bondage wrap to fasten the mummy to a pillar or anything else rigid enough.

Use the safety scissors to cut the wrapping, starting between the feet working your way up along the back to the head.

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